Deputy Dorkface

Deputy Dorkface: A Delightful Children's Series

With Deputy Dorkface on the case, kids’ antics turn into hilarious adventure. Fast-paced, action-packed, funny, with subtle life lessons … these are books families will love.

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How Trutherton Got Its Honesty Back


Student Council candidates make outlandish campaign promises they can’t possibly keep. They’ll say anything to get elected! Trutherton s extremely loud T.O.L.D.-U. lie detector goes berserk and is blaring all over town. Deputy Dorkface s plan to teach the kids a lesson backfires as he bans honesty. Suddenly, the teachers start lying to the students! When two disillusioned kids aren’t being truthful with their parents, a wild chase ensues and something must be done! So, Deputy Dorkface calls in “the cavalry” to find the fibbers and chaos and hilarity follow. Will he find the naughty naysayers and set the children of Honest Abe Elementary, and Trutherton back on a truthful track? Find out in Deputy Dorkface: How Trutherton Got Its Honesty Back.  We’re honored that Trutherton was awarded the “Gold” in the General – Early Reader category from Children’s Literary Classics in 2014, and named an Award-Winning Finalist in the 2015 USA Best Book Awards in the Children’s Picture Book;  Hardcover Fiction category.

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