Deputy Dorkface

Deputy Dorkface: A Delightful Children's Series

With Deputy Dorkface on the case, kids’ antics turn into hilarious adventure. Fast-paced, action-packed, funny, with subtle life lessons … these are books families will love.

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Trutherton Awarded Seal of Approval

Posted on Mar 02, 2014

“I’ve been absolutely blown away by the reaction to our latest Deputy Dorkface book,” said author Kevin Janison. “We’ve been touring schools the last couple of weeks, and the response has been so flattering!”

Children’s Literary Classics submitted this review:

Deputy Dorkface, How Trutherton Got Its Honesty Back, is a raucous, riotous read with a terrific message for young readers. Kevin D. Janison has a real knack for entertaining kids all the while teaching life lessons they will enjoy learning. When the citizens of Trutherton experience lies for the first time ever, they are thrown into a state of confusion. Assuming that everyone is being truthful, they act upon the lies as though they were truth. This leads to chaos, the likes of which Trutherton has never seen.

Illustrations by Eldon Doty are a perfect match for the witty text within the pages of this great read. Kids, parents, teachers and librarians alike will fall head over heels for this literary treat.

Deputy Dorkface, How Trutherton Got Its Honesty Back, belongs on bookshelves everywhere and has earned the Literary Classics Seal of Approval.